Mastery Distinctions


Breathwork Mastery Distinctions

Self paced training
Practical training and Supported Client Contact
External study


Practical training for being in practice

Nationally recognised training in the Australian Qualification Framework since 1998.


Including core competencies of the National Health Training Package:

  • Working effectively with others – BSBWOR203
  • Communicating effectively with clients – HLTCOM404B
  • Making appropriate referrals – HLTCOM406B
  • Working effectively in the health industry – HIR301A
  • Manage OHS processes – HLTOHS500A

In depth training with a proven well developed practical application that includes marketing, enabling you to build your practice as you progress through your course.

Included is Supported Client Contact that increases your confidence step by step so that by the end of the training, you have had such a vast degree of experience and practise that you trust the Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM) process completely, and yourself as a RBM practitioner.

This course unit 8 of training is focused on integrating all your skills to date and your previous life experiences, especially spiritual experiences, to blend with your journey in Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery. You thus create your unique offering to others as a professional practitioner and facilitator.

Covered in detail is each element of skill and knowledge that is needed to interface with other practitioners and professionals, especially other Natural Therapists in Health care who are also graduates of Accredited Trainings recognized by the National Government under the Australian Qualification Framework.

All levels of communication are addressed in this training, including subtle, yet profound approaches to  listening to individuals from a metaphysical perspective. The training is directed  to participants providing the quality of communication that increases their own personal and spiritual development and enables others to expand on all levels at all times.

Participation in the unit includes support for facilitating your own clients during the training so your reputation as a practitioner is already becoming established. This way, you can validly gain some financial return on your investment in the training while you train. Conditions apply.

Participants are trained and supported in creating win/win solutions and being to apply and facilitate consensus based orientations to all areas of their personal and professional life.

The intention is that you know and define your unique area of operation, so you are set up with your direction upon completion. You become clear under which conditions you will set up your practice, and the format of your fees and availability, and how to use your developed skills to clear what is in the way of your business intentions.

You will be trained in how to include yourself, if it is your plan, in multi disciplinary teams and Centres. You will enter the professional referral network from having participated in a recognised Health Care training . You will also be clear you are responsible for your practice and all aspects of its unfoldment.

The Practical training is to support you to know how to always live an intentional life and demonstrate that to others, authentically.

Training and assessment details are given upon enrolment into Units 7 and 8 at any stage of the training.

External study course unit

Unit 8 is self paced external delivery. Although it can be started at any stage of the face to face units, it is recommended to be timed for the end of the face to face units, or after the end, so you can move straight into your professional practice when unit 8 is complete.

Please note ~ This unit has the unique feature that you actually create your practice while you train so you have the full support of the training to be set up and earning income by the end of this course unit – total professionality !




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