Levels of Experience


Levels of Experience

8 day training course
8 theme seminars and 8 group breathwork sessions
6 to 8 hours daily
30 minutes from the Gold Coast airport and 90 minutes from Brisbane, in south Queensland

Course content in retreat seminars ( or online/workbook and skype )

Levels of inner experience

This course offers in-depth training in creating wellness and transformation through identifying and opening up the levels of inner experience – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It relates to day to day living and specifically to the breathwork practises of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery.

The trainer is fully qualified and highly experienced from a full time breathwork practice established in 1987, who has delivered courses and workshops in breathwork in all parts of Australia and also overseas, in UK and Europe. see about the trainer

The focus of the course is on how to support clients, others and self to create and maintain clarity, balance and self mastery in all areas of living. Full training is given on how to release and resolve physical pain, discomfort or past trauma, overloaded or unhealthy emotional states, limiting decisions and beliefs and loss of spiritual connectedness and inspiration through facilitated full, connected, conscious breathwork sessions. Benefits range from diminished body pain to total release, and relief of some causes and symptoms of depression and anxiety and other mental stress states. The in-depth training is in the unpredictability of the process, which may be cathartic or very restful and peaceful with profound relaxation as an outcome in both cases. The training has evolved for many decades along with personal and spiritual development within the population.

In the training course, emphasis is placed on the value of identifying the process for self and others. The training is in vital Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery techniques that work within each level and work towards release and resolution of personal issues.

The focus of the strand of breathwork called Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM), is explored for both wellness on all levels and living intentionally through the application of breathwork techniques that can be practised by any individual ( no contraindications ), at any time.

  1. physicality
  2. physicality part 2
  3. mental power
  4. mental power part 2
  5. emotional wealth
  6. emotional wealth part 2
  7. spirituality
  8. spirituality part 2

This course is for personal, spiritual and professional development.

This course unit is level five of learning how to use conscious breathing to facilitate breathwork professionally.
Unit 5 can be credited against the International Certification in Breathwork Mastery, which now replaces the Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery, which was a qualification in the Australian Qualification Framework 1998 – 2016. It is the same course as this previously nationally recognised vocational training course (with national health training package competencies) and now matches the International and Australian national peak body association standards which have been in place for 20 years.

Please note – For some professionals this course unit may be considered as continuing professional education or development



How to Book in

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VENUE – Byron Bay/Gold Coast accommodation 
- some available at the venue
for the first to pay their training fee
either – at share room and food costs –  or own room and food cost 
or contact local estate agent for holiday housing

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note – the venue is next to pristine beaches and national park

Other course unit retreats are

Course units 1-7, face to face – 2, 4, 6 and 8 day units
1 • Breathwork and Mindful Self Awareness • 2 days
2 • Power of Breathwork • 4 days
3 • Breathwork and Conscious Relating • 6 days
4 • Chakra Consciousness and Breathwork psychology • 6 days
5 • Levels of Breathwork Experience • 8 days
6 • Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork • 8 days
7 • Metaphysics and Safety in a Breathwork Practice • 6 days