The following Certified RBM Practitioners are available to negotiate your prerequisite sessions. Please send confirmation to Alakh when you start.


Laura Gardano, PhD

I have a scientific background and I am researcher in biological sciences. I encountered Breathwork many years ago working with panic attacks and anxiety. Breathwork really helped me to be present and face the source of my physical and emotional discomfort. The approach of Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery, where the breathing process is not forced and the interaction with the facilitator is nourishing, is invaluable and powerful to bring to the surface and integrate past issues.
I offer Breathwork sessions (one to one and to groups) in France and on zoom.

Laura lives in Paris, France and speaks English, French and Italian

Ghislaine Bouskila

Ghislaine’s personal experience in healing herself from chronic diseases such as Lyme disease and Crohn’s disease plus her 20+ years of clinical practice has led her to develop her Conscious Energy Medicine program using Kinesiology, Breathwork, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Psychology.
Ghislaine loves using a gentle approach to healing as she understands the Nervous System and how it functions plays an important part on the vitality, creativity and well-being of a person.
Ghislaine is the Australian National Representative for the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). She has been a Diploma of Breathwork Mastery (RBM) Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator since 2003. She holds a Diploma in Kinesiology and has been dedicating her professional life to sharing the gentle yet powerful healing power of the Conscious Connected Breathing process, through 1 on 1 sessions, group sessions, her blogs and her participation in various local and international conferences
Best email:

Ghislaine lives in Sydney, Australia and speaks English and French


Ana Berenguer
Based in Madrid, traveling the world. IBF (International Breathwork Foundation) Ambassador. Psychologist. Breath lover. Six years of experience doing one on one, group and online sessions.


Ana lives in Madrid, Spain and speaks Spanish and English


Alakh Analda

Has been a Breathworker since 1987 and a Trainer since 1993.
She has an Advanced Diploma of Breathwork Mastery Trainer and Supervisor.
Alakh is the founder of Zentium International Training Organisation and the copyright holder of the Breathwork Mastery training material. She is now spending most of her time on Training Trainers and Supervising a small number of Practitioners each year. Also managing Breathwork Mastery training material – and overseeing the Training Organisation functions.
She may be available for your first six private session block for stage 1.

Alakh lives at Byron Bay, Australia and speaks English and some Hindi


Marina Mishina

I encountered conscious Breathwork more than 10 year ago at the Global Inspiration Conference in Ecuador. Since then it’s been one of the my main passions and supporting tools in life. I have completed my certification as RBM practitioner in 2014 to be able to share the benefits with others.
I am living in Ukraine and also serve as IBF National Representative for Ukraine.
Doing one to one and online sessions.
Speaking Russian and English.

Marina lives in Kiev, Ukraine and speaks Russian and English


Katja Dienst

I have been practicing conscious Breathwork since 2005, when I commenced the breathwork mastery training with Alakh Analda at Nature Care College, Sydney. In 2008 I successfully completed this training and received my national qualification. Since then I have explored different styles of breathwork from minimal to maximal intervention.
Personally I owe breathwork an enormous amount of healing and transformation. It has completely changed my life for the better.
Katja is an active member of the Australian Breathwork Association (ABA) and International Breathwork Foundation (IBF).

Lives in Heidelberg Germany
speaks German and English


Marianna Liebermann

When I started having breathwork sessions in 2004 huge changes started to happen in my life and in my inner world.
The changes were happening in a very fast and unstoppable pace.
When I moved to Australia in 2005 and started the training for a Breathwork Mastery practitioner, this pace was multiplied.
The main and dominant inner process was a stream of memories from the past. Some of the memories were buried so deep, that I didn’t even know that they existed.
I didn’t search for them, but when they came they were followed by realizations that were changing me and then came inner peace. At some point I realized that it is there to stay, permanently. There was no more chaos.
My inner process continued to unfold and still does, but the deep inner emotional distress doesn’t show anymore. Something that I knew as long as I remembered myself was gone.
My life is not perfect yet, but there is the inner balance and the ability to deal quickly with inner distress if one shows.
And the most important is that I learned to work and deal with what the process of transformation carries with it. This will stay with me forever and is constantly developing. I could always use it for myself and to help others.

Marianna Lieberman
Mobile: +972 52745 2645

Marianna lives in Israel and speaks Hebrew, Russian and English

Kimberley Campbell-Zeltner

Kimberley sees clients face to face on the Mid North Coast in Bellingen and in Sydney at her clinic in Balmain, she also facilitates session online.
Kimberley has been in private practice since 1999, supporting individuals with their personal challenges, traumas and pain, address the relationship of body, mind, emotion, and spirit.
Although Kimberley uses a combination of modalities, Kimberley specializes in using the Breath – Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery and Acuenergetics® to restore flow, function, and balance to the body.
Kimberley is passionate about the breath, specifically RBM which supports the release of limitations from previous decisions, beliefs and conditioning.
When we Breathe consciously, it regulates the nervous system, brings oxygen to each of your cells, and allows living a life with an open heart and presence.

Kimberley has studied an array of modalities that have supported her own personal journey and uses these teachings to support others on their specific and personal path.  Prior to that, Kimberley spent 18 years in the corporate sector in management, sales and marketing, business and product development, counselling, coaching, and training, among other things.
Kimberley’s qualifications below:

• Accredited Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery Practitioner & Teacher
• AcuEnergetics® Practitioner
• Womb & Fertility Massage Therapy
• Quantum Dynamics Facilitator
• Reiki Master
• Mindskills Training
• Licensed HeartMath Provider
• Wesley Mission – Basic Welfare and Counselling Course
• Lifeforce – Suicide Prevention
• UTS – Post Graduate in Adult Education in Training

If you wish to read Kimberley’s story click here:
Lives in Belligen, Mid-North Coast, Australia and speaks English