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Banking details | Alakh Analda | ABN 56221163691| Byron Bay, Australia Branch No – 062565 Acc No – 0070 6835
Pay by Internet transfer, Credit card or PayPal or Cheque, Money Order, direct Commonwealth bank Deposit

Credit card by paypal – by secure site

PayPal has the facility to pay by credit card – there may be a surcharge if you use a PayPal account there may not be a charge – please check this out If you don’t want to use your PayPal balance, use your credit card. payments by PayPal or credit card to email

PAYPAL STEPS Important – please add 3% to your payment to Alakhs email to cover PayPal surcharges Log in to your PayPal account. Click – Send Money/Make a payment at the left side of the page. Enter the recipient’s email address – – and the amount you want to send, and click Continue. Review the amount, the payment method, (and shipping address). You can add an optional message to the recipient. Click – Send Money. After the payment is sent, Alakh will receive a notification email. Please send a confirmation anyway by text or email – thanks

Paying from overseas?

Banking details Alakh Analda BANK – Commonwealth Bank Address – Shops 5/6 7 Fingal Street, Brunswick Heads NSW 2483, Australia SWIFT CODE – CTBAAU2S (cee, tee, bee, a, a, eu, two, es – only number is two) Branch No – 062565 Acc No – 0070 6835


All Breathwork is now online until further notice 

Online sessions 2.5 hours
– Private – date of choice
– $225 for one or two
– Group set dates – 2.5 hours
– $150 each if prepaid
– For booking 4 or 12 set dates – nominated sessions

set dates are
– Fortnightly group weekends
– every Wednesday weekdays

fee totals for set dates
– $150×4 = $595 prepaid
– $150X12 = $1800 prepaid

all in $AUD valid to review 1-21

Dates available with 2 groups each day

Wednesdays – weekly 2020 – 21
Weekends – fortnightly 2020 – 21

Retreat Workshops at Byron may be reestablished later in the year ?


book 12 session blocks ?
want to fast track the training for practitioner???
pay in 12 session date blocks = $1,795 to secure your place for next 12 sessions available in groups

Group breathwork sessions Live online 2020-21

Book in for 4 session blocks of nominated dates for fee reductions
Weekends fortnightly – or Wednesdays weekly

6 (approx) hours each day.
12.30 to 3 pm and
3.30 to 6 pm

Saturday Sunday, – fortnightly
4 group sessions of nominated dates = $AUD 595
Wednesday – weekly
2 group sessions of nominated dates = $AUD 595

Set up your own group sessions at your home or venue or all on line
contract Alakh for 3 hours facilitation
You set fees, collect payment and book time and date with Alakh
Dates of your choice
Live online to your venue or contacts
No more than 4 participants
You participate or gain experience of groups by watching

$AUD 300 for 3 hours – terms and conditions apply

Fees for Practitioner training

Online training is the only option for the next months 8-20
If you are definite about doing Practitioner Training

stage 1 – 36 personal sessions
there are three possible fee totals.
same as above
1 – Private sessions $225×36=$8,100 – OR
2 – Set date groups $150×36=$5,400 – OR
3 – joint business venture jbv $300 from participants? = ?
contract Alakh to deliver to your group contacts – they pay for your sessions?
you are coordinator – jbv partner – under terms and conditions

stage 2 – skills and knowledge – 40 seminars
$30 x 40 seminars pay as you go = $1,200 total

stage 3 – Client contact with support supervision
= $2,500 with some deductions from client generated fees

Total fee range for practitioner training
from $3,700 to $9,100
private training stage 1 – add $2,700 for one to one sessions
please note you can earn income while you train in stage 3
under certain conditions – so the totals are variable

Become a Practitioner ?? 2020-21

International Certification in Breathwork Mastery, Practitioner and facilitator
book 12 session blocks ?
want to fast track the training for practitioner???
pay in 12 session date blocks = $1,795 to secure your place for next 12 sessions available in groups

Zentium International Breathwork provides the link with the International and National standards bodies
And gives you automatic admission upon graduation. In Australia this includes insurance.

Please note that Alakh Analda is a qualified trainer an assessor and Practitioner trainer –
Advanced Diploma in Breathwork Mastery practitioner trainer and supervisor in the AQF.
The training and fees may be tax deductible and credited against your Association CPD, CPE requirements
Check with your accountant and Association

Alakh Analda | Accredited Practitioner and breathworker trainer |
+ 61 413 167 688 | ABN 56221163691| Byron Bay and online

Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery trainings


About Alakh

Alakh is a professional Breathworker since 1987, and practitioner Trainer since 1993, and delivers retreats, workshops and practitioner trainings in Byron Bay, Sydney and in Europe/Uk or in your area by arrangement. Read more about Alakh


For information or bookings in any location: Attn: Alakh Analda – PO Box 1222, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia Phone: Within Australia – 0413 167 688  From overseas – +61 413 167 688


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