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Banking details | Alakh Analda | ABN 56221163691| Byron Bay, Australia
Branch No – 062565 Acc No – 0070 6835
Pay by Internet transfer, Credit card or direct from PayPal, or a direct Commonwealth bank Deposit

Credit card by paypal – or by another secure site

PayPal has been changing their rates. It has been a facility to pay by credit card – there may be a surcharge for both parties – please check this out
If you want to use your PayPal balance check their fees or credit card, add what they are charging me as fees.
Payment is to email  –

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Banking details Please check – it seems the security service WISE offers the best exchange rate and fees
Alakh Analda BANK – Commonwealth Bank  Branch No – 062565 Acc No – 0070 6835


All fees are in Australian dollars
Book for live online sessions anytime a single or duo
All fees 2022 are valid to 1-9-22

Group retreat workshops venue Byron Bay/Gold Coast are until review 10-2022
• Alternatively? at your location by arrangement either live online or face to face
negotiate now for facilitation at your venue


Private breathwork sessions, 2.5 hours
Breathwork Mastery (RBM)

$AUD 295 Byron Bay beachside venue for single or share session
$AUD 245 live online for single or share session

block bookings of two a day at a venue – $ AUD 265 for each for single or share session

Live online Consultations

for coaching, processing, seminars or tutorials, assessments for RPL
$AUD 108 per hour – pre paid
$AUD 45 for 15 minutes

Personal Breakthrough  Retreat Intensives

 Byron Bay beachside and live online
one to one sessions two per day of 2 to 2.5 hours duration

24 hours – 1 night / 2 days – 3 breath sessions
Mind and Body Retreat

total of $AUD 795 for single or $AUD 995 for two in room

72 hours – 3 night / 4 days – 6 breath sessions
Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Retreat
total of $AUD 1,590 for single or $AUD 1,990 for two in room

at Byron Bay beachside venue – add $AUD 90 per person per day/night
incudes own entrance and self catering facilities

add $90 per day/night per person for all catering provided


21 Day small Group Retreat Workshop of 36 sessions

The 21 day Group Retreat in June 2022 is $7,020 – including accommodation for three participants
Until further notice and under certain conditions
And the same fee for 21 days live online 3 to 24th June 2022
conditions apply

Breathwork on holiday – or self retreat
Byron Bay breathing space beachside available for rental for holidays
for private accommodation, kitchenette with access to breathwork
sessions fee is $245 for 2.5 hours


pre requisite –

stage 1 – 36 personal sessions in group workshops or live online with a RBM graduate Practitioner
apply for a current list with Zentium RBM Practitioners who are available.
Please send to the website enquiry form or to Alakh by text message.
RBM Graduates live in Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Israel, USA and Ukraine/Russia as well as many parts of Australia. You will be negotiating with them for six session blocks – so the fee is negotiable – between $AUD 245 and $AUD 295 according to the individual RBM Graduate Practitioner for live online delivery.

Alternatively there is a Workshop retreat twice a year at Byron Bay or live online in 2022 and 2023

From Alakh
It is important to note that this course is self paced and only available live on line at the present time.
It is unlike a conventional course and is dependent on the participant being very pro-active and making decisions about how and when they book in for all parts of the course.
There are no set fees therefore, and no set dates. This is the only way I have seen of managing quality training live online.

The fees for the 36 Breathwork Mastery personal sessions pre requisite will range between $ AUD 4,500 and $AUD 9.000 depending on the resources of the participant.

Please note
The fees are high at this time as we take no more than two participants live online. This may change.
The RBM Certified graduates may start providing groups at a venue, so the fees may become less.
It is highly recommended to negotiate a six session block and share the session fee with one other friend or associate for both your fee reduction.

Enrol in Practitioner training

Stage 2 – complete 40 skills and knowledge seminars by 7 workbooks – as pdfs = $ AUD1,200
Stage 3 – Practical training, development and assessments – client contact under supervision = $2,950
credit any Breathwork Mastery personal sessions against becoming a practitioner and facilitator –

Please contact Alakh for an interview as being a Breathworker is a lifestyle – The initial interview is to identify the time, resources and undertanding needed for participants to gain Certification.
fee charges stage 1 
Negotiate with the RBM graduates – get the list from Alakh text +61 413167 688

dates of your choice


Live on line 
One to one Breathworker Practitioner training

International Certification in Breathwork Mastery Practitioner and Facilitator training
Alternative private delivery training option one to one.

This is a high fee option but may suit some participants …..
Private breathworker training delivered one to one or two ?
It is 4 hours on dates of your choice, with a seminar and session each time
dates and times of your choice! fast track or take your time (over 2 years) training and assessment
as Course units 1-7 live online which is 36 seminar and session bookings.
for practitioner training stage 1 and 2
bookings on dates of your choice
add stage 3 client contact supervision , training and assessments

fees for stage 1 and 2 for private delivery only – 4 hours a session – seminar and breathwork
1. Breathwork & Mindful Self Awareness 2# – $315 for 4 hours x2
2. Power of Breathwork 4# – $315 for 4 hours x4
3. Breathwork & Conscious Relating 6# – $315 for 4 hours x6
4. Chakra Consciousness and breathwork psychology 6# – $315 for 4 hours x6
5. Levels of breathwork experience 8# – $315 for 4 hours x8
6. Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork Mastery 8# – $315 for 4 hours x8
7. Metaphysics and Safety in a Breathwork Practice 6# 3 sessions and 6 seminars – $295 for 4 hours x4
The training material seminars are sent by pdfs

Printed workbooks extra

Add Stage 3
$2,950 for practical training Unit 8 – client contact and supervision

International Certification in Breathwork Mastery
fees Stage 2 training material  as workbooks
Practitioner and Facilitator Skills and knowledge training

40 seminars in 7 workbooks as pdfs
Workbooks – theoretical skills and knowledge for practitioner
1. Breathwork & Mindful Self Awareness 2# – $30 x2 =$60
2. Power of Breathwork 4# – $30 x4 = $120
3. Breathwork & Conscious Relating 6# – $30 x6 = $180
4. Chakra Consciousness and breathwork psychology 6# – $30 x6 = $180
5. Levels of breathwork experience 8# – $30 x8 = $240
6. Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork Mastery 8# – $30 x8 = $240
7. Metaphysics and Safety in a Breathwork Practice 6# – $30 x6 = $180
add $45 per book extra for printed and posted workbook.

Practical unit of supervised client contact and all training and assessments

 $AUD 2,950

About Alakh

Alakh is a professional Breathworker since 1987, and practitioner Trainer since 1993, and has delivers retreats, workshops and practitioner trainings in Byron Bay, Sydney and in Europe/Uk or in your area by arrangement. Read more about Alakh


For information or bookings in any location: Attn: Alakh Analda – PO Box 1222, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia Phone: Within Australia – 0413 167 688  From overseas – +61 413 167 688


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