Esoteric Mysteries


Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork


8 day training course
8 theme seminars and 8 group breathwork sessions
6 to 8 hours daily
30 minutes from the Gold Coast airport and 90 minutes from Brisbane, in south Queensland

Course content in retreat seminar ( or online/workbook and skype )


Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork

This training investigates the development of consciousness  over the ages and in our current lifestyles through breathwork, and how clients uncover innate psychic ability, gender validation, authentic sexuality, and a universal tantric  orientation to life. Included is the subject of wonderchild – cetaceans, homo delphinus and waterbirth, gentle birth, breath holding and the breath and consciousness connection in terms of human evolution.

Training is given in past life symbology and how it relates  to the present life and unresolved issues. The parallel of breathwork experiences to shamanism and the traditional yogic paths are also investigated, with training to also connect the meditation and breathwork mysteries and explore other realms.

  1. psychic ability – part 1
  2. psychic ability – part 2
  3. yoga
  4. shamanism
  5. universal tantra
  6. gender validation and sexuality
  7. Wonderchild – breath and consciousness – part 1
  8. Wonderchild – breath and consciousness – part 2


This course unit is level six of learning how to use conscious breathing to facilitate breathwork professionally.
The course unit 6 can be credited against the International Certification in Breathwork Mastery, which now replaces the Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery, which was a qualification in the Australian Qualification Framework 1998 – 2016. It is the same course as this previously nationally recognised vocational training course (with national health training package competencies) and now matches the International and Australian national peak body association standards which have been in place for 20 years.

Please note – For some professionals this course unit may be considered as continuing professional education or development



How to Book in

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VENUE – Byron Bay/Gold Coast accommodation 
- some available at the venue
for the first to pay their training fee
either – at share room and food costs –  or own room and food cost 
or contact local estate agent for holiday housing

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note – the venue is next to pristine beaches and national park

Other course unit retreats are

Course units 1-7, face to face – 2, 4, 6 and 8 day units
1 • Breathwork and Mindful Self Awareness • 2 days
2 • Power of Breathwork • 4 days
3 • Breathwork and Conscious Relating • 6 days
4 • Chakra Consciousness and Breathwork psychology • 6 days
5 • Levels of Breathwork Experience • 8 days
6 • Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork • 8 days
7 • Metaphysics and Safety in a Breathwork Practice • 6 days