Conscious Relating


Breathwork and Conscious Relating

6 day training
6 seminars and 6 group breath sessions
6 to 8 hours daily

Course content in retreat seminar ( or online/workbook and skype )

Relationship with others
– clearing relationship issues at their source – the subconscious mind – through full, conscious, connected breathing

Many people’s relationships are fully governed by thoughts they do not even know that they have – because they are subconscious imprints. This training is based on the long term experience based concepts from breathwork clients that the sources of their decisions are made very early – about relationships, parenting, authority, prosperity, intimacy, friendship, being male or female or being with males or females. These impressions and decisions are imprinted at a time when we are so tiny it is before we have words or speech. Not only that, but when we are first born we are helpless and dependent as well as unable to communicate, move or help ourselves.

Conscious breath links the conscious and subconscious minds and body sensation awareness unlocks cellular memory in breath sessions.

In this course, participants are trained to identify and clear relationship issues – major and minor in their own time and space, at their own pace, and how to support others to do the same. Specific areas addressed are limiting conditioning, both individual and collective, in regards to relationships both intimate, friendly and in the workplace, authority, past traumas or abuse from others – known and unknown, assumed identities or ways of relating to self, loss, grief and abandonment as well as transitions, changes, and birth of any kind.

Breath links the conscious and subconscious minds and body sensation awareness unlocks cellular memory in breath sessions. Impressions can be discharged through body sensations in the session or there may be a regression to an unresolved past event for release and resolution.

  1. reactive, creative and spiritual relating
  2. child becomes adult
  3. father/male
  4. mother/female
  5. death of identity & death urge, loss, grief and abandonment
  6. birth, transitions and change.

This course unit is level three of learning how to use conscious breathing for yourself.
The pre-professional training is a total of twelve training sessions, a seminar and session daily.
The course unit 3 can be credited against the International Certification in Breathwork Mastery, which now replaces the Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery, which was a qualification in the Australian Qualification Framework 1998 – 2016. It is the same course as this previously nationally recognised vocational training course (with national health training package competencies) and now matches the International and Australian national peak body association standards which have been in place for 20 years.

Please note – For some professionals this course 3 may be considered as continuing professional education or development



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VENUE – Byron Bay/Gold Coast accommodation 
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note – the venue is next to pristine beaches and national park

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3 • Breathwork and Conscious Relating • 6 days
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