Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery Workbooks

There are ten units for practitioner training. Units 1 to 8 have one workbook – specialist to Breathwork Mastery and the other two units are core units that relate to all practitioners, with the material being handled by other relative workbooks.

Each unit workbook contains observation based concepts, constructs and theory from the different aspects of universal breathwork, and more specificially, what has been defined as Breathwork Mastery within this wide world-wide range of approaches to the conscious breath for clearing on all levels and evolving human consciousness.

You are welcome to purchase the workbook information topic by topic and take the short answer tests in each topic to educate yourself in breathwork mastery theories and concepts.

all workbooks listed are © Alakh Analda

You can purchase workbooks through the contact page, by all payment options listed.

Unit 1 / Book 1 Self Awareness relationship with self – own awareness
Unit 2/ Book 2 Power of Breathwork relationship with self – own body-mind, emotions & spiritual awareness

Unit 3 / Book 3 Breathwork and Conscious Relating relationship with others – other’s body-mind & emotions and spiritual awareness – breath clearing issues at source

Unit 4 /Book 4 Chakra Consciousness levels of consciousness, a personal evolutionary journey
Unit 5 /Book 5 Levels of Experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of breathwork mastery

Unit 6 /Book 6 Esoteric Mysteries psychic ability, yoga, shamanism, universal tantra, sexuality and gender validation, wonderchild – the breath and consciousness links including human delphinus, waterbirth, dolphins, whales and consciousness development

Unit 7 /Book 7 Metaphysics of a Breathwork Practice physical and beyond physical aspects of being in a practice

Unit 8 /Book 8 Breathwork Mastery Distinctions being in practice