Two types of retreats are on offer at Byron Bay/Gold Coast –

or in your area, by arrangement

  1. Personal breakthrough retreats, one to one – experiential, from 2 days to 30 days
  2. Group training retreats – experiential and theoretical short course units, from 2 days to 8 days (see below)please note there are regular trainings in Sydney and other locations – Europe and UK – register your interest through the contact form please.

1.   Personal breakthrough retreats

private ~ one to one (or two) – Byron Bay/Gold Coast

– dates of your choice –
with Breathwork Mastery expert facilitation and support
Body & Soul ~ 2 days ~ 24 Hours, 3 breathwork sessions
Mind, Body & Soul ~ 3 days ~ 48 Hours, 4 breathwork sessions
Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit ~ 4 days ~ 72 Hours ~ 6 breathwork sessions
~ daily breathwork sessions and yoga – spiritual purification practises ~
21 breathwork sessions and specialist yoga practises

More detail

24 Hours, 1 night and 2 days, of personal focus and support – one to one
3 personal breathwork sessions in 24 hours
with Alakh an opportunity to clear what is in the way of your intentions away from home and with support!
at date of your choice. Simple and effective for the time and cost.

4 breathwork sessions in 48 hours!
This includes hours of time each day being supported in identifying your process to create impactful intentions
and go deeply in your sessions – this formula works!!!!!!!!!

72 Hours, 3 nights and 4 days, of breathing more consciously – as much as you can with ease
6 breathwork sessions
Really let the breath do the work – and enjoy the beach walks between sessions – socialise and be a tourist if you want or journal, read, rest and introspect. Two sessions a day does get you a lot of insight, release and resolution, and with nothing else to distract you, it allows time and space for integration also, plus the use of the adjacent beach and sun and surf or bush to walk in and enjoy. Time to visit the great cafes and other natural sites is also manageable!

9 breathwork sessions and yoga – spiritual purification emphasis – high gradient.
At least one session a day and also personal yoga training and spiritual purification practises to serve you for the rest of your own measure of days. Use the earth – food, fire – candles or the fire pit, water – the ocean or bath and air – yoga and breathwork. Also mantra sound, meditation, satsang through dvds of honoured masters of their field – and Steps of preparation for Kriya Yoga optional This personal breakthrough retreat is high gradient and may be intense and require full on support.

21 breathwork sessions and advanced yoga practises
– and full yogic detoxification practice with yoga diet and self appointed practises like fasting of food and speech (silence – mouna). Training in the steps of preparation for Kriya Yoga is optional
This personal breakthrough retreat intensive has lots of time and space to yourself with support for self appointed detoxification of body, through yogic intestinal washing, time out of speaking, i.e silence (mouna), resting, introspection. It allows you to take advantage of a quiet venue next to the National Park and ocean and face not going anywhere except by walking or cycling.
The optional full yogic detox, mahashankarprakshalana is a cleansing practise with proper follow up food support. You have other options as Alakh is well trained in yoga as well as long term breathworker trainer ….. and the occasional fabulous Byron Bay massage with medicinal quality oils!
Social time out and strong physical activity is also optional but the emphasis is on creating a new relationship with resting and relaxing with no distractions …… Unless you change your mind – its your retreat! Self awareness and spiritual development practises are the main focus as well as the opportunity for your body to be cleansed inside and out. The elements of earth, air, fire and water plus meeting with words of wisdom from books, tapes and videos is available.

What do i offer to those wanting a personal retreat ?

from Alakh
I have been a yoga teacher & initiated monk (Swami) since 1976, a professional Breathworker since 1987.

Yoga is my first love and I spent nine years in India after undertaking Kriya yoga initiation in 1976. I practise meditation since 1975 and add this and yoga to my retreats as an early morning option.  Since 1987, i have devoted my time, energy and commitment to Rebirthing Breathwork as a path of self mastery. Rebirthing was an initial term for the phenomena participants experienced in the 1960s and 70s. In these times, this phenomena is an occassional experience as a body memory of birth, but in spiritual terms, participants also become re-born to who they are as their intention. I work with personal intentions in all the retreats and participants always gain some ground during the retreat – sometime almost miraculous and sometimes in understanding the step by step nature of most evolution of consciousness.

Experiencing my own practise of Rebirthing Breathwork over the years and being a breathwork practitioner has a very high satisfaction rate for me. I attract clients who experience the same satisfaction in expanding their self awareness through modern breathwork and can use my long term experience of yoga ashram lifestyle, and yoga, meditation, chanting, kriya yoga practises – sometimes to enrich and develop their own spiritual practises in these personal retreats. The yoga practises are advanced ones, and there is no teaching of asana in the retreats – rather what can be called integral yoga which is not just the preparation for meditation that yoga postures bring. We can cover the intellectual, psychic, mind calming, and emotionally balancing aspects of the many paths of yoga other than hatha yoga.

In the longer personal retreats, the yogic aspect gives grounding to the contemporary breathwork and allows you to integrate your breathwork and take home practises that you may not learn in the wide range of excellent hatha yoga classes that are now on offer around the globe.

So I offer exclusive personal retreats to individuals and couples where the focus is one to one on participant breakthroughs – you retreat away from your life, to a quiet beachside venue, with meals and accommodation – so the focus is on you alone.

• Venue
All personal breakthrough retreat intensives include own room (or share for two) –
• Choice of pre-arranged dates
• all meals – vegetarian, snacks
• Gold Coast airport pick up before noon first day and drop off after 2pm the last day
• Own bathroom
• Own entrance
• Private courtyard
• Location next the ocean – deserted beaches
• Walk to local shop 7 minutes – great coffee and cakes and burgers
• Walk along beach to day time café with best breakfasts and lunches daily – next to river
and general store/bottle shop 15 minutes
• Some drop offs/pick ups to Byron Bay or Mullumbimby during your stay
• Internet/broadband – small download – mostly reliable
• Tv/dvd player

there is a wide range of dvds and books to utilise as an option
see accommodation/venue page

What to bring?
f you prefer – own sheets.
Bring towels, comfy clothes, beach gear, books if necessary and computer etc – your decision.
– bring your own alcohol to accompany meals if desired.



for Retreats in groups – once or twice yearly at Byron Bay/Gold Coast
or in your area, by arrangement – as a joint business venture

2.   Group Training Course Unit Retreats

theme seminar and group breathwork experience each day
experiential and theoretical

    1. Breathwork & Mindful Self Awareness – 2 days
    2. Power of Breathwork – 4 days
    3. Breathwork & Conscious Relating – 6 days
    4. Chakra Consciousness and Psychology – 6 days
    5. Levels of Experience – 8 days
    6. Esoteric Mysteries – 8 days
      and for practitioners of breathwork – specialist skills training
    7. Metaphysics and Safety in a Breathwork Practise – 6 days.
      These group retreats are credited against practitioner training or taken for continuing professional development by professional practitioners. They each come with a comprehensive Breathwork Mastery Workbook. Available as retreats in Byron Bay and in your area by arrangement or as a joint business venture.

What do I offer as facilitator of professional development?

from Alakh
I have been a professional Breathworker since 1987. My focus has been on training breathwork practitioners since 1993. This breathwork practitioner course has been nationally accredited since 1998 as a Diploma. I have converted the same course to an International Certification following the guidelines of two international bodies of practitioners and trainers, who have created standards and guidelines in the 1990s.

This focus has made me one of the professional practitioners and trainers from any country who works only with Breathwork – non stop since 1987 – full time. Yoga is my first love however since 1987, i have devoted my time, energy and commitment to Rebirthing Breathwork as a path of self mastery, while i continue to practise yoga and meditation, with a lot of vedic chanting and other advanced practises. Being a breathwork practitioner has a very high satisfaction rate for me and i attract others who experience the same.

My main vocation is to train Practitioners and Facilitators – from 1998 to 2015 for qualifications in Diploma training units retreats for groups in Byron Bay and Sydney which are attended by participants from interstate, overseas and from Brisbane and Gold Coast to Ballina. Now i have the international certification option and offer the training as experiential workshops and distance training as well as group retreats with experience and theory each day.