Byron Bay, Australia ~ fly into Gold Coast international airport
Personal work intensives ~ one to one / one to couple – dates of your choice
With Alakh Analda ~ a Breathworker since 1987 and a yoga teacher
and Swami since 1976 ( Swami Alakhmurti Saraswati )
She has trained practitioners since 1993 and had practitioner and training courses accredited since 1998.

Alakh is one of the professional practitioners and trainers in any country who works only with Breathwork – full time.
She is very experienced.

please note:
Group course retreats are also facilitated regularly,
with a theme subject and seminar material each day
and small group breathwork sessions

Personal Breakthrough Retreat Intensives

– dates of your choice – *special deal for mid week bookings

YOUR OWN RETREAT with Breathwork Mastery facilitation and support
beach side accommodation, own room, own entrance, meals and Gold Coast airport pickup/drop off and …..
• 24 HOUR ~ 1 night, 2 days ~ 3 breath sessions ~ Body and Soul
• 48 HOUR ~ 2 nights, 3 days ~ 4 breath sessions ~ Mind, Body and Soul
• 72 HOUR ~ 3 nights, 4 days ~ 6 breath sessions ~ Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit
• 9 DAY ~ 9 breath and yoga sessions – Spiritual Purification intensive
• 30 DAY ~ 21 breath and advanced yoga and meditation sessions – Spiritual Mastery practises retreat – with options of full yogic detoxification practice with yoga diet and support for choices like self appointed fasting – food and speaking ( silent days ).

More detail

3 personal breathwork sessions
An opportunity to clear what is in the way of your intentions when you are away from home and with support! at date of your choice – single or couple


4 sessions in 48 hours!
This includes hours of time each day being supported in identifying your process to create impactful intentions and go deeply in your sessions – this formula works!!!!!!!!!

* 72 HOUR

6 breath sessions
Really let the breath do the work – and enjoy the beach walks between sessions – socialise and be a tourist if you want or journal, read, rest and introspect


9 breath sessions and yoga/meditation/pranayama – high gradient.
At least one session a day and also personal yoga training and spiritual purification practises to serve you for the rest of your own measure of days. Use the earth – food, fire – candles or the fire pit, water – the ocean or bath and air – yoga and breathwork. Also mantra sound, meditation, satsang through dvds of honoured masters of their field – and Steps of preparation for Kriya Yoga optional This personal breakthrough retreat is high gradient and may be intense and require full on support.


21 breath and yoga sessions

besides breath sessions, the options are for full yogic detoxification practice with yoga diet and self appointed fasting of food and non-speaking (silence – mouna) Steps of preparation for Kriya Yoga optional This personal breakthrough retreat intensive has lots of time and space to yourself with support for self appointed detoxification of body, food types, speaking/silence, resting, introspection. It allows you to take advantage of a quiet venue next to the National Park and ocean and face not going anywhere except by walking or cycling. Also to take advantage of the full mahashankarprakshalana cleansing practise with proper follow up food support. Social activity is optional but the emphasis is on creating a new relationship with resting and relaxing with no distractions …… Unless you change your mind – its your retreat! Self awareness development is the main focus as well as the opportunity for your body to be cleansed inside and out. The elements of earth, air, fire and water plus meeting with words of wisdom from books, tapes and videos is available.

Breathwork in Byron ~ beach holidays

dates of your choice ~ a breathwork session each day, walk though the bush to deserted beaches, cafes, local lush environment or rest, sleep and read or write, and it’s a dog leash free beach ~ dogs by arrangement
includes Gold Coat airport pick up/drop off

Daily breath session, own room, and entrance all meals option
OR own room with kitchenette access for Bed and Breakfast only option
for single or couple/two
Discuss other options like yoga, meditation, advanced yoga breathing techniques, fasting. Bring your own dongle is best but some internet access available

For more information about Personal Retreat Intensives,
and Breathwork in Byron ~ beach holidays
please refer to





* All personal breakthrough retreat intensives include own room (or share for two) –
• Choice of pre-arranged dates
• all meals – vegetarian, snacks
• Gold Coast airport pick up/drop off
• Own room
• Own entrance
• Private courtyard
• Location short walk through the bush to the ocean – deserted beaches
• Walk to local shop 7 minutes
• Walk along beach to café and bottle shop 15 minutes
• Some drop offs/pick ups to Byron Bay or Mullumbimby
• Internet/broadband basic access
• Tv in room – optional

What to bring?
– own sheets, towels, comfy clothes, beach gear, books if necessary and computer etc – your decision
– bring your own alcohol to accompany meals if desired.