become a qualified breathwork practitioner !
or group facilitator or trainer ….


more details – course outline
calendar dates for two formats in Byron Bay/Gold Coast and Sydney
how to enrol?

Personal and professional development ? – three trainings

  1. breathwork practitioner
  2. group facilitator
  3. trainer of breathworker practitioners

Zentium International offers pre-professional and practitioner and facilitator training.

Also trainer training – which is a big commitment.

Being a practitioner is a lifestyle where the breathworker continues with their own personal work each week and each month. There is also a reality in Breathwork Mastery where the practitioner takes personal responsibility for their outcomes. The principle is that ” i have created this situation ( subconsciously) by what i have thought or decided in the past. I can create a new reality when i become aware of the limiting decisions i have made about myself and life, and i clear that constrictive thought by discharging it electromagnetically – usually as a change in the body sensations.

pre professional training are ZI units 1 – 3 which are for personal or professional development – for self clearing and supporting others in times of personal challenge and stress, or for support of others who have undergone breathwork self clearing training,

ZI Unit 4 is also personal or professional development and the ZI units 4 to 8 relate to professional training. ZI Unit 8 is high intensity personal work with clients, including your own. Once you participate and pay the fees for ZI unit 8, you may receive income from clients under certain terms and conditions of the training.

Training types ?
Pre-professional training
The training suits heath care professionals, managers, body workers, psychologists and mental health workers, anyone who deals with people in high states of reaction or irrationality. Also supportive for sufferers of anxiety or depression and post traumatic stress disorder as well as those who are their carers or family and friends.

Professional Practitioner training –
graduates see one to one clients

Group facilitator training –
conducts groups of clients in workshops and courses at the pre-professional level. The retio of clients to each professional or assistant is a recommended one internationaly of 1:6 participants….

Trainer training

trains professionals to hold the energy of groups and individuals who are going through practitoner training and is recommended for those who have seen 1,000 private clients in their personal practice as one to one clients.

who undertakes breathwork sessions?
Any person seeking in depth personal or professional development at a transformative level and from a body and breath process. This clearing process is beyond the mind yet it is a practice of mindfulness through conscious breathwork and self awareness..


Where and when for training?

The ZI units are offered monthly as retreat intensives in Byron Bay/Gold Coast so you can self pace your training as each unit repeats on offer at least twice a year. The ZI units are also offered as weekend or seven day workshops in Sydney and Byron Bay/Gold Coast on a regular basis and by skype.

–        or in your area by arrangement – including in the UK and Europe


Who is the trainer?

Alakh Analda
i am a practitioner since 1987 and have been a Director of training, since 1998, for the Breathwork government accredited practitioner training programme which now awards the Qualification Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery.
I have an Advanced Diploma in Breathwork Trainer qualification.
My work has been full time facilitating Rebirthing Breathwork mostly from a Sydney base since 1987, and from Byron Bay/Gold Coast since 2000.
Besides giving training in Australia, i also travel overseas to deliver breathwork on a regular basis and to attend International Breathwork Foundation conferences and as the Australian National Co-ordinator 2007-2014.

Born in Australia on 23-1-1950, Alakh studied Metaphysics and trained as a metaphysician in her teenage years. She was initiated into Kriya Yoga, India 1976 and lived in India for a further nine years as a Swami, an initiated yoga monk. Alakh is a previous President of the Australian Breathwork Association and one of the re-founding members in 1996.

Alakh also facilitates private one to one ( or couple) breathwork retreats Byron beachside


Contact her for details on how to become breathworker, group facilitator or trainer.