Certification ~ International Training course

– Full Practitioner training with a total of 543 hours
International Certification in Breathwork Mastery

Specialist skills training in Breathwork Mastery for personal or professional development. for breathworkers, trainers or those new to breathwork. 

For professional development we offer a professional training in a small group of up to 6 people. 

For personal development you can come on weekends for group sessions or for workshops.
All participation can be credited against practitioner training which requires a minimum of 38 personal group sessions in Breathwork Mastery.
The experiential hours are face to face and theoretical training is by dvd/workbook
The full course has 38 personal sessions in breathwork and 40 theme theoretical seminars of material by dvd/workbooks – from the same units as the vocational training qualification in Australia ~ plus a comprehensive practical component and assessments.

Current face to face delivery is 21 days in Byron Bay, (3x7days) with online options and a practical training component self paced client contact. Or in your area – by arrangement

use contact to register your interest for the next training in your area or in Europe/UK


Pre-professional Training course

learn how to use conscious breathing for yourself for the rest of your life and how to support others in your life while allowing them their process. Ideal for professionals who work with people at any level, ranging from body work, trauma release to human resources and management.
at Byron Bay – at least twice yearly

start at any unit
Course Unit 1 – Breathwork Mastery & Self Awareness – two sessions
Course Unit 2 – Power of Breathwork – four sessions
Course Unit 3 – Breathwork and Conscious Relating – six sessions

Other Training

Personal breakthrough Breathwork Retreats

24 hour, 48 hour 3 day and 30 day retreats one to one or one to two.

These are also credited against practitioner training – should you decide to train later
They are an indirect training in how to free yourself psychologically and emotionally as well as physically. see www.rebirthingbreathworkretreats.com
so attendance at these personal retreats can be credited against pracitioner training

Other training includes
preparation for Kriya Yoga of 2×6 days ( depending on your skill level )
Kriya Yoga inititation 6 day
Chakra meditation, conscious breath retention classes and
specific yoga detoxification practices – maha shankarprakshalana
These are classes within some of the course unit group and one on one Intensives in Byron Bay, or in your area, by arrangement.

They include core elements for Kriya Yoga practice and the facilitation of 20 Kriya practices.

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