Breathwork Mastery events

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Please note –
Course unit retreats are experiential and theoretical
Workshops and Retreats are experiential –
Retreats are in group format or private one to one or couple

Brief oultine follows – more detail below or by links

Regular course Retreats ~ beachside
1-6 unit themes of Breathwork training

~ on in Byron Bay/Gold Coast as 2,4, 6 and 8 days on theme subjects related to breathwork
and evolving human mindful self awareness and personal freedom.
Theory and experience of breathwork each day.
for personal and professional development
Learn how to self session and support others! whatever your professional or home situeation

see links below – 6 general course unit retreats are listed
or add unit 7 and 8 – for professional training required for practitioner
or go to individual course theme 1-6 from links on the top of the home page

for Pre-professional (units 1,2,3) ~
or become a practitioner (add units 4,5,6 & 7) – professional
pre professional
professional training

Regular Workshops of Breathwork experience

~ set dates in Byron Bay/Gold Coast beachside – and Sydney
Weekends and 7 days ~ experiential breathwork sessions, two a day.
see below

Personal one to one Breathwork experience in Retreat – beachside

~ your dates of choice at Byron Bay/Gold Coast
experiential breathwork sessions, two a day.
see link personal breakthrough retreats or

Full practitioner training

national and international standards – see

Personal sessions

two and a half hours
~ your dates of choice at Byron Bay/Gold Coast, and Sydney with home visit and skype options
see some details below or  link services – all

Specialist Skills training – cpd/e for breathworkers?

any of the events or services can come to your location, by arrangement, in joint business ventures.
Alakh facilitates these trainings and workshops world wide – under negotiated set terms and conditions.
They are especially valuable for continuing professional education for breathworkers, psychologists and counsellors and medical GPs.
Or breathworker facilitators and practitioners to increase their skill set
contact Alakh for more information or go to pre-professional training link or services all  re workshops

for all services ? not just workshops, trainings, courses or retreats???

go to link services – all

to book – contact

List of event options – some details follow

for full details  – plese use the links provided to get more information or contact us 0413 167 688


Course Unit Retreat theme titles – units 1-7

  1. Breathwork Mastery & Self Awareness – 2 days – Byron Bay/Gold Coast  – group
  2. Power of Breathwork – 4 days – Byron Bay/Gold Coast – group
  3. Breathwork and Conscious Relating – 6 days – Byron Bay/ Gold Coast –  group
  4. Chakra Consciousness – 6 days – Byron Bay/Gold Coast – group
  5. Levels of Experience – 8 days – Byron Bay/Gold Coast – group
  6. Esoteric Mysteries and Breathwork – 8 days – Byron Bay/Gold Coast – group
  7. Metaphysics of a Breathwork Practice and Safety – 6 days – Byron Bay/Gold Coast – group




Personal breakthrough Retreats – one to one or couple

live-in Retreats – beachside Byron Bay/Gold Coast – dates of you choice

Spiritual development and practises Retreats – one to one or couple

  • 9 days – 9 breath sessions and specialist yoga – Spiritual Purification Retreat
  • 30 days – Spiritual Mastery Practises Retreat
    – 21+ breath sessions and 21 + specialist yoga and meditation practises,
  • Kriya Yoga – preparation for practise Retreat 6 days – Byron Bay/Gold Coast – private or group
    Kriya Yoga – practises Retreat 6 days – Byron Bay/Gold Coast – private or group
    during preparation for kriya yoga you have options to undergo the major yogic digestive cleanse and follow up cleansing diet.
  • please note – you can create your personal choice of high gradient practises in these intensive Retreats

you may also contact Alakh for private sessions ~ Byron Bay or Sydney
– want more details ?

For all services please see link –  services – all



how to enrol ? – please call 0413 167 688 or use contact form