Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentor Support

Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery, provides coaching and mentor support to individuals, participants, and RBM practitioners as well as other Rebirthers and Breathworkers.
Alakh Analda, the Director of Training for Breathwork Mastery, who has been a breathworker since 1987 and a trainer since 1993, is availble for specialist personal breakthrough retreat intensives

24 hour ( 3 sessions ) , 48 hour ( 4 sessions ), 3 day ( 6 sessions ), 9 day spiritual purification retreat special, ( 9 sessions and yoga cleanses, preparation for Kriya Yoga, meditation ) and 30 day ( 21 sessions and silence, fasting options )

You take on an area of your life for a specific breakthrough. Since you have accomodation and meals also provided, and private one to one sessions in two days, you are able to focus solely on creating a clearing around an issue or block.

one to one or one to couples – your choice of dates

Alternatively, long term mentoring and support for your personal or professional life is available – and sessions by skype are very powerful and open up new opportunities !

Alakh has comprehensive training to become a pracitioner – The International Certification in Breathwork Mastery. It is accredited by national and internatonal associations and In terms of the Australian Qualification Framwork, it is the same as the Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery which was is the professional training to become a breathwork practitioner and facilitator.

Graduates of any of the practitioner trainings can become Trainers of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery practitioners and trainers.
Mentoring contracts are training to become trainers and trainers of practitioners and trainers. All the mentoring sessions you undertake can be credited against the Diploma or the next step of delivering accredited qualifications.

telephone consults and facilitation are available with Alakh between the hours of 9am and 9pm, eastern Australian time.
booking is best by email – make allowances for Alakh’s schedule – refer to the Calendar page