Do I remember my birth?

Do I remember my birth in a breath session? Its called “Rebirthing” – why   Leonard Orr was a leader in personal development workshops late 1960s when he had a regression to his birth during a prolonged bath in a … Continued

Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery practitioner

What is a Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery (RBM) Practitioner ? A Rebirther or Breathworker is someone already experienced in the process from  personal application. Your Rebirther or Breathworker specifically provides a space for you to be safe and supported to have … Continued

Styles of Breathwork

There are many styles of Breathwork. Breathwork is a transformational tool and it has psychotherapeudic and physiological benefits as a consequence. Sometimes they are the focus. However most people come to breathwork sessions when they feel they are just surviving … Continued

History of Breathwork

Contemporary breathwork is conscious breathing, usually lying down and with a range of other approaches like the breathing having no pauses and utilising the navel, chest and upper chest movement for each breath – if it is possible for the … Continued

Cathartic breathwork

Cathartic breathwork has come to mean breathwork techniques and approaches which emphasize and encourage emotional release each time – and place high value on it. I say nearly all breathwork can be cathartic if it means all breathwork can allow … Continued