Zentium International Australia

Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery, a Training Organization, is in partnership with the Registered Training Organizations High Motivation Training Academy and other colleges and institutes to deliver the courses in Breathwork Mastery. The courses were first accredited in 1998, and continue to meet the requirements of the National training body – Australian Skills Quality Authority, ASQA, at the National standards for Health care. With the addition of National Health Package competencies to the level of Diploma, Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery is again accredited in the Australian Qualification Framework as nationally recognised training.


Alakh Analda founded Zentium International as an organisation to provide comprehensive and indepth trainings available for the next seven generations for those who want to use the breath to be clear and balanced their lives, and to live intentionally.

Therefore the mandate for Zentium International is to continue provide relevant and comprehensive training. This means the organisation has grown slowly and steadily, taking the time it needed to integrate all the changes and developments in education, as Australia continues as a respected provider of education recognised in many parts of the world.

About the Founder

Visit Alakh Analda’s homepage at rebirthingbreathworkretreats.com.au

Alakh Analda.

I am a Yoga Swami and Breathwork Mastery Trainer, and the founder and director of Zentium International, Rebirthing Breathwork Mastery. Born in Australia on 23-1-1950, I  studied Metaphysics and trained as a metaphysician in my teenage years.

i was introduced to yoga in 1975 and was initiated into Kriya Yoga, India 1976 where i lived for a further nine years after being initiated into the holy Yogic order of sannyasa, as a Swami, in the Yogashram of Swami Satyananda Paramahansa (1977 – 198). It was a time where i gained extensive Yoga training and teaching experience. Living with the master, the teaching was direct, indirect and by direct transmission and this continues.

Upon my return to Australia, i facilitated a series of Yoga Teachers Trainings and trained as a Rebirther Breathworker graduating 1987.

Since 1987 my vocation has been facilitating Rebirthing Breathwork mostly from a Sydney base. Besides long term private practise, I facilitated many hundreds of Groups, Weekends and Six Day Workshops in all parts of Australia, and also overseas, in Rebirthing Breathwork with Chakras, Meditation and Yoga and preparation for Kriya Yoga training.

Alakh’s courses are accredited 1998

In 1992, clients asked me to instigate Professional Rebirther Breathworker Trainings, which have since been my main activity Australia-wide and in some locations overseas. The Trainings have been recognized by the National Government as accredited Vocational Trainings in the area of professional health care since 1998. Now these have been re-accredited within the National. Health Training Package for the strand of breathwork i promote named “Rebirthing/Breathwork Mastery”.
This strand has its emphasis on using breath for integrated personal/spiritual development with an emphasis on mindful self awareness and self paced clearing on a path of self mastery.

With this style of breathwork ?
Breathing is full, conscious, connected to allow integrated access to the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects of the levels of experience – clearing and reprogramming at the level of the cellular memory, as the main emphasis of my work.

The courses are now accredited within the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) as nationally recognised training for personal/spiritual development and for practitioners and facilitators – 30948QLD Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery.

Professional/industry activity?
In 1996 a group of colleagues and i reinstated the Australian Association for Professional Rebirthers, now Australian Breathwork Association (ABA), and i was Secretary or President for its first five years of re-inception in 1996, and i am a long term member of the International Breathwork Foundation and its Australian National Coordinator since 2007. I also am a current a current committee member of ABA, and a long term member of the Satyananda Yoga Teacher’s Association, and a recognised trainer in the International Breathwork Training Alliance, now the Gobal Professional Breathwork Alliance.

Day to day?
My days are spent now facilitating the accredited courses and monthly six or eight day live-in training intensives at Byron Bay, and delivering monthly weekend trainings in Sydney and in other locations, by arrangement. i have been delivering specialist training in Breathwork for Europeans by invitation, and regularly in UK in association with Karlyn Boyter, a qualified graduate and other interested groups.

I see private clients in Sydney, Gold Coast and Byron Bay, just 90 minutes from Brisbane, and continue to faciliate groups, workshops and retreats of 6 to 8 days in small groups, and one to one personal breakthrough retreats from 2 days duration to 30 days with yoga included, plus on going practitoner training locally and overseas.

At the request of some enthusiastic Spanish people and others, i have a new focus on going to Spain twice a year to deliver an International Certificaiton in Breathwork Mastery, in a two stage delivery of 14 days each with theoretical training on line and through workbooks and skype

In my other times?
Balance is important and i enjoy nature enormously, although my passion is observing, documenting and supporting the evolution of human consciousness through the Chakras and relating the ancient yogic wisdom to modern personal and spiritual development. Still,  i need the buzz of the cities of the world and their peoples as well. In cities the human creative spirit is soooo creatively expressed !

Then i come back to spending time with my long term partner in Byron Bay Shire beside the ocean, including taking care of two energetic yet aging dogs, and keeping the tadpoles safe when the green frogs drop them as eggs in bowls of rainwater.

I profess to loving documentaries and good drama and action shows on tv or dvds, and having a laugh at some of the British comedy – any good comedy. Most of all, its spending plenty of time in the garden and the natural beauty spots of Byron Bay that support me staying in balance and getting the most of life and of course being with our friends that we have and those we are yet to meet……