7 day Workshop retreat of Breathwork experience

All days are personal experience in breathwork – two group sessions a day for 7 days
– starting in the afternoon day 1

under expert facilitation ~ I have been in practice since 1987

Sydney ~ a retreat in your own city ! At a health centre in the Inner City

Byron Bay ~ our venue is beachside, and next to the national park

For your personal or professional development
and maybe used as your association or occupational CPE, CPD?

Each weekend and 7 day workshop can be credited against the practitioner training
– International Certification in Breathwork Mastery

Each workshop is focused on clearing what is in the way of your personal intentions.
Clients have the experience of reshaping their life – sometimes unexpectedly and very quickly.
The changes can be so integrated that you do not notice they have occurred.

The promise of the workshop is you get closer to your intentions each session,
and you create a real and positive relationship with the blocks that are in the way of your intentions.

You develop an authentic compassion for yourself about your life circumstances –
and what it takes to create and actualise your intended new reality for yourself.
With an increase in compassion for ourselves comes an increase in compassion for others.
Life becomes much warmer and more connected, more relaxed …
Suddenly there is time to smell the flowers or notice how beautiful a friend is.

As part of Practitioner and Facilitator training?

Each Sydney or Byron Bay/Gold Coast weekend or 7 day workshop can be credited against the 38 personal breath session requirements for certification as a practitioner, or of course, for your own development personal or professional or psycho-spiritual – as conscious breath has a transformational outcome.

To complete practitioner training ?
There are two steps
one – 40 seminars on essential distinctions for a certification matches national and international standards.
They are by ebook/online or
 on dvd with back up skype or phone tutorials.
Two – Practical training is a comprehensive unit of supervised client contact.
You build your practice while you train,
 and you can earn income from breathwork while you are training under certain conditions.

Byron Bay venue ~ is beachside
with some accommodation at a nominal fee, share and private options 
- which go to the first to pay for the training fee
25 minutes from Gold Coast airport and
90 minutes from Brisbane CBD
To drive from Sydney?
10 hours with time for breaks
Sydney venue ~ is centrally located space
for a small group and I send you the details when you book
– book by paying more than ten days in advance

– from Alakh and please contact me for more details


see fees


How to Enrol

Please go to contact page – all the banking details and pay pal options are there