International Certification in Breathwork

~ Byron Bay/Gold Coast or Sydney, or in your area, by arrangement.

Certifies you to well established international and national breathwork professional standards.

become a practitioner!

Training is comprehensive, flexible and self paced ~ and extremely practical

On graduation, you may work fully and confidently anywhere in the world with this certification.

The International training now replaces the Diploma of Rebirthing and Breathwork Mastery which has been accredited in the Australian Qualification Framework since 1998.

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Pre-Professional Training

Rebirthing Retreats

Course, Retreat or Workshop?

Courses – experiential & theoretical sessions each day, 7 theme units of 6 or 8 days.

Retreats – personal, one to one – from 2 to 30 days, 5 choices, live in.

Workshops – experiential, two sessions a day in a small group, 7 days and weekends.

Seminars – face to face – on line/workbook/cd.

for personal or professional development.

All sessions can be credited against International Certification In Breathwork Mastery practitioner and facilitator training. The courses are at beachside in New South Wales, just 90 minutes from Brisbane, 30 minutes from Gold Coast Queensland, with regular Sydney and European options.

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What is breathwork?

Rebirthing Breathwork is a conscious, connected body/breath technique which activates an inner non mundane experience. The process is freeing of limitations from previous decisions, beliefs or conditioning. Breathwork reveals that trauma or difficulty in very early life can be released and resolved over time. The results is more freedom to be in action in life. There is less anxiety and depression of feelings, less fear, panic and reactivity to present life situations.

The continued process brings more authentic points of choice or free-to-be-in-action instead of reaction to events and people. In a breath cycle of approximately 90 minutes’ duration, the full and connected breathing benefits extend from the physical into an emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels of personal experience.

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Hi Alakh, from the moment I saw your beautiful face and felt your beautiful presence I knew I was in the right place. I learnt so much about myself during the two days and appreciate your assistance of getting very clear about specific priorities that I now allow myself to embody and generate in my life. I am glad to have transformed on a cellular level. I feel grateful for your support and wisdom you imparted and the beautiful surroundings of your home. I have been in complete flow since our sessions weeks ago and miracles keep showing up. Thank ...
Its been on the back of my mind for a while so I wanted to acknowledge you for the work and attention to making the rebirthing course such a unique experience. The experience I had at the workshop at your home in Byron really is on the my favourite memories of recent years and without a doubt one of the best formats of all the workshops I have done, The format you developed I think is a benchmark for running an enjoyable, productive and powerful workshop experience….. You’ve put a lot of effort into creating some cool experiences, so ...
I highly recommend Alakh’s Rebirthing Breathwork training. I started with group sessions for my wellbeing and I was so blown away by the changes in my life and by the knowledge of Alakh that I signed up for the professional training. What an amazing and pleasurable journey it has been!There is a very distinctive” before” and “after” the training in my life. It has given me tools to welcome what is happening in my life and to aim at living a conscious life creating win/win situations for myself and others.Alakh’s professionalism is outstanding and her dedication to Breathwork is ...
I loved the Breathwork Practitioner Training. It was one of the best trainings/courses i’ve ever done. I studied psychology at Uni and found in incredibly unpractical. In contrast the Breathwork training was wonderfully and hugely experiential – training in a way of being and accepting, for oneself and to support others, to learn to trust that you can stay with and breathe through whatever comes up is incredibly powerful. Initially i didn’t intend to be a practitioner, I was more in it for my personal journey and clearing. But by the end i was like, how can i not facilitate ...